About us: Core Values

The Crossing aims to provide a Christian community at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where students are free to explore, question, understand, develop and affirm their relationship with God, each other, and the world. We are a diverse and theologically open-minded Christian ministry that allows students the freedom to grasp anew the love and grace of God.  Appreciative of our roots and connections,  we celebrate the rich history of many Christian traditions.  We nurture a supportive spiritual learning environment which embraces the gospel of Jesus Christ with a particular focus on his life and teachings. We are grounded in worship, maintained by fellowship, and seriously engaged with the problems and possibilities of the world.

We value (our top ten list, all equally important) . . .

  • Relationships based on understanding, mutual respect, and trust
  • Caring for creation through environmental stewardship
  • Living as agents of peace in a global community
  • Experiencing the gospel of radical inclusiveness
  • Celebrating the gift of diversity as one of God’s greatest gifts
  • Appreciating the significance of a lifetime of service
  • Promoting the well-being of others and our calling to live justly
  • Discovering vocation as an expression of one’s gifts and spiritual longings
  • Accepting the personal, prophetic and social-justice facets of discipleship
  • Inter-faith dialogue