About us: Leadership Teams

Student leadership is crucial to who we are and what we do.  We are gifted with some amazing leaders!  Four teams plan and implement many of our activities:  Student Activities Leadership Team (SALT), Queer People of Faith, Music Team and Worship Team.

SALT (Student Activities Leadership Team)

Co-Presidents: Brooklyn Carlson, bcarlson7@wisc.edu; Roxanna Liu, jliu464@wisc.edu;

Primary Contact:  Brooklyn Carlson, bcarlson7@wisc.edu

Treasurer:  Jasmine Bhatia

Publicity Director:  Bryan Lee

Members: Valeria Martinez, Gunnar Malensek, Collin McFadden, Gbemi Famule, Lianna Schwalenberg, Zawadi Carroll

The Student Activities Leadership Team (SALT) exists because we are committed to sharing our vision of God’s radical love with everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religious affiliation. Our SALT Team meets weekly to plan service, social, and outreach programs.  At different points during the year, we focus our efforts on illuminating our extravagant welcome and celebration of the unique gifts that various groups too often ostracized in society bring to Christ’s table. Come, conspire with us as we dream up all the ways we can extend God’s love to all.  We welcome new members.


Music Team

At the Crossing, we like to leave lots of room for a variety of musical styles and expressions during our Vespers worship service – from your favorite hymns, to the reflective prayer-songs of the Iona and Taizé monastic traditions, to folk, alternative, and contemporary Christian music. We do so recognizing the diversity of our student’s backgrounds as well as the richness of musical expression that exists across the Christian tradition. If you have musical talents that you’d like to share with our community during Vespers, contact our Ministry Intern, Cody Goetz  (cody@crossingministries.org),  to explore possibilities of using your gifts on the team.

Worship Team

A group of students which meets weekly with campus ministers and our intern to discuss worship and share in Bible Study as preparation for the upcoming Vesper services. This group participates actively in our Vespers worship services and looks forward to welcoming you each Sunday during the school year.  For more information, contact karla@crossingministries.org.