Meet other student leaders

Juliet WangJuliet Wang

Hi there! I’m Juliet Wang, a junior here at the UW studying Psychology, also plan to get a Neurobiology degree and an LGBT studies certificate. I’m an International student from China and had became a queer right supporter before I moved to Madison. So I went to a LGBT conference at the beginning of my freshman year and there I met Evan, who was an intern of the great campus ministry–that’s also the beginning of my journey at the Crossing! I spent pretty much time at this lovely place, studying, eating snacks, chatting with friendly loving staff, participating in all kinds of activities and also, discussing some deep meaningful academic topics (well in a cozy atmosphere of course). The Crossing is literally a place where I feel like home, I cherish every moment being there. If you’re interested, just come and join us! Everyone is welcomed!

Emily BeaverEmily Beaver, Worship Team

As an incoming freshman I was looking for a church family to quell the fears of moving to a new place and help me in building new connections.  I did some local visits and searching and they all pointed me toward The Crossing.  I have given thanks ever since for my first step through those doors.  Now as a Senior I am a member of the Worship Team and I take immense joy in helping to blend different Christian traditions and practices into a Vespers service everyone can feel comfortable in.  I have also been involved in Quest through The Crossing an greatly appreciated my trip to Cambodia last winter break. Although my schedule as a Biochemistry major doesn’t leave me much of a social life I still strive to find time to cook, workout at the Surf, salsa dance, and curl up with a good book.  If you ever find yourself in need of a hearty religious discussion, a friend to talk to, or even just someone to go to the Farmer’s Market with, come on into The Crossing and check us out!

Jack RinghandJack Ringhand, Worship Team

Yo! I am a senior here at UW and in the Nursing program. Fortunately, I became aware of the Crossing before I even arrived in Madison as a freshman. My pastor back in Onalaska, WI suggested that I check it out since I was in search of a campus ministry. I did, along with other campus ministries as well, and I found that the Crossing drew me in – I felt very welcome here. The more I have been involved with the Crossing, not just in activities, but also with other students and staff, the more I want to return. I have truly been influenced by the Crossing’s Vespers service, music team, Bible study, and worship team. Yet, through the past two years, I have learned the most about my own faith journey through dialogue with fellow students and friends. Although I was searching for a campus ministry with intentions to further my faith journey, I know that each individual at the Crossing are at different points in their own journey and hold different views, so anyone is welcome to come worship, study, talk, or jam some tunes!

DSC03608Jeff Kollasch, Worship Team

Howdy folks. I’m Jeff. I ventured to the cheesy hills of Wisconsin from the corny plains of Iowa last fall on a quest to learn how to engineer things to save little puppies from global warming. Shortly after I settled in at the university I began looking for a worship service to attend. Upon typing, “church”, in Google Maps I found the Crossing building to be closest to where I live, and the website said there’d be free supper after Vespers so… let’s just say I felt a calling to attend. In addition to logistical optimality I found the Crossing had so much more: diverse and friendly people, engaging dialogs, uplifting music, frequent and fun special events, and an open but earnest atmosphere for worship, oh, and did I mention free
food? After enjoying a year at the Crossing I look forward to helping out with the Worship Team this fall and encourage anyone reading this website to come by and check out our Sunday evening Vespers service as I did.